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We are migrating from JDE World to E1. How do we enable the EnterpriseOne plug-in on DBU 10?

You can prompt the DBU command and the last parameter for PeopleSoft installation can be changed to WORLD or ONEWORLD.

You can also use the command DBUAUT to access the DBU Authority Default Settings (any profile not specifically defined will use the *PUBLIC profile).Take Option 1=Update on the appropriate profile and page down 2 times to the third screen.Near the bottom you will find parameters for JDE installation (WORLD or ONEWORLD) and the default data dictionary to use.

You can the set the DBU command prompt to *DBUAUT to inform DBU to check the DBUAUT settings for PeopleSoft installation.

Last update:
2016-07-18 19:28
Kathy Stolzenburg
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