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Is there a way to show/not show 'implicitly hidden columns' that were created in an SQL Table in DBU?

When an SQL table contains ‘implicitly hidden columns’, SQL will not show those columns when * is used in the SELECT statement to view the data.  If the individual columns are specified on the SELECT statement, they are accessible for viewing and updating.  

DBU will always show those columns when the table is first presented, the user can then press F4 and enter an ‘O’ in the select field for the columns that are to be hidden, the ‘O’ will omit those columns from the display.  

The user can then save this presentation as a DBU APP and the next time the DBU APP is executed, the columns will be omitted form the display.  The user can then press F4 and blank out the ‘O’ in the select field and the column will be presented.

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2016-10-17 21:57
Kathy Stolzenburg
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