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What files are eligible for retrieving deleted records?

All files except for the following:

  • A file that has been reorganized since the records were deleted.
  • A file that was created with “Reuse Deleted Records = Yes”.
  • A file with variable length fields or null value fields (due to IBM restrictions).
  • Multi-member keyed physical file (the first member’s deleted records are the only records eligible for retrieval, due to IBM restrictions).

Note: Due to OS restrictions at V5R4 and above the data in the deleted record is not always able to be retrieved using RDR . The same restrictions will apply when reactivating records one at a time from within DBU software. Because of the changes to the OS beginning with V5R4 the RDR software will sometimes bring back blank data. In these cases the file you wish to retrieve deleted records from must first be saved then restored. If you use the save and restore method you should only have to do that once for each file you need to access using RDR.

IBM does not see the necessity for the RDR process and refuses to provide us with an alternative. Their belief is that the file should be journaled and the deleted record can be retrieved from the journal receiver.

Last update:
2016-10-10 17:59
Kathy Stolzenburg
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