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What is DBUnifier?

A programmer’s utility which allows developers to dynamically create list programs one time and call them from any number of programs. F4 List programs create pop up windows for validation or selection (i.e. if you press F4 when cursor is position on STATE on our screen, you get a listing of all possible values)

Note: No source code is generated. No compiler is needed.

DBUnifier was developed to assist programmers and power users with the ability to create interactive applications from DB2/400 database information. You are able to create Selection Lists (F4-Lists Processes), Work with Subfile Processes, Inquiry Applications and File Maintenance Applications with Field level validations.

Instantly increase productivity and standardize programs. It’s the ultimate in the ‘code-less’ creation of your applications!

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Last update:
2016-07-15 15:06
Kathy Stolzenburg
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